Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Samuel Roskelley- The Nephite Warriors

Samuel Roskelley was the recorder at the Logan Temple for about 19 years. Durning the years that the federal government was determined to stop polygamy amongst the Mormons many of our top leaders were arrested. Including Samuel who was put on trial but acquitted for some strange reason even though he had six wives. But back to the story. During those years of stress in the church a US marshal with accompanied government employees were headed for the Logan Temple. Samual became aware that hey were coming to the temple to get the records of marriages so they could know who to arrest for polygamy. Apparently the temple was closed at he time and Samuel locked all the doors to the temple and stayed inside. he lived in Smithfield and so had a small living area in the temple so that he could stay overnight on selected evenings. The Marshal pounded on the door of the temple and would not leave. Finally grandfather opened the door and spoke to the officer. The Marshal demanded entrance into the temple and confiscation of the records. Samuel refused and closed the door and locked it but the Marshal said he would reutrre with force and knock the door down. As Samuel moved through the temple he was amazed to see Nephite soldiers dressed in their ancient military clothing with swords in hand standing by the doors that lead to the records and was told that they were there to protect the records. Samuel could let his mind be at peace for the records were sfe. The records never were disturbed and remains sage in the temple thereafter. 

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